Mob Rules unleash the beast

There’s a lot ahead for Mob Rules: In 2018 they celebrate the release of their ninth studio album, 2019 their 25th anniversary …

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With nine studio albums, the mighty 20th anniversary boxset, severals singles and two live DVDs, Mob Rules offer a huge backcatalogue to discover!


The band

These guys are fresh like never before! “Straight, fastforward and powerful” describes the six Nordics, who sound younger than ever.

Klaus Dirks (Vocals)

Sven Lüdke (Guitar)

Florian Dyszbalis (Guitar)

Jan Christian Halfbrodt (Keys)

Markus Brinkmann (Bass)

Nikolas Fritz (Drums)

  • ``One of the year's essentials`` (9/10)
    Burce Turnbull
    Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine UK
  • ``Heimlich, still und leise haben sich Mob Rules innerhalb ihrer nunmehr 24-jährigen Bandgeschichte in die oberen Gefilde der deutschen Metal-Szene gespielt.``
    Matthias Mader